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North East Essex Dementia & Frailty Services


We offer comprehensive support and assessment for people diagnosed with dementia and their carers. 

Service Information

The team is made up of psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and nursing & social care professionals.

The service can meet both short term and long term needs. Your care will be allocated to the right professional depending on your care needs. This may include care-coordination for some service users with complex mental health and physical health needs whilst living in the community or residential care.

Part your care plan may include the following treatments:

  • rapid response to crisis situations,
  • occupational therapy
  • advice on treatment for any immediate physical health concerns
  • psychological and therapeutic activities
  • access to support and education from other agencies
  • cognitive Stimulation Therapy – for people with mild to moderate dementia.
  • advice on healthy living

It is our job to support you in getting the care, treatment and help you need so you and your loved ones can enjoy the best quality of life.

The Service includes:

Dementia Intensive Support Team (DIST) 

Dementia Support Team

Complete generic assessments that have been referred into the team, offer long term support, commissioning, discharge planning with inpatient wards and cover duty service that triage and follow up on any referrals into the team.

Care Home Liaison

Diagnostic/support service for the care homes in the north east Essex

Memory Assessment Service (MAS)

Referral Information

Referral is via NESPA

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