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Quality and Excellence Awards

Our Quality and Excellence Awards are a chance for us to recognise and reward the excellent work that happens at EPUT every day. They are a chance for us to reward our rising stars, our outstanding volunteers, our exceptional leaders & teams, our heroes, our partners and those who have left a legacy.

This year, there are 18 award categories to choose from, and these align with our EPUT vision, values and strategic objectives. You can nominate anyone who has worked at EPUT between 1 November 2022 and 1 October 2023, whether as a permanent or temporary staff member, including bank staff and volunteers., whether as a permanent or temporary staff member, including bank staff and volunteers. There is also a category to specifically recognise our partners and collaborative working across organisational boundaries. If you’re not sure which category to choose, you can leave this section of the nomination form blank and your nomination will be entered into an appropriate category.

If you have received outstanding, compassionate care, we want to hear about it. We are looking for those who inspire and motivate others, those who champion dignity and respect, and those who stand up for equality and inclusion.

We have so many committed and dedicated colleagues and volunteers across EPUT. We are looking for people who demonstrate excellence and who embody our values in everything they do. If you know a person or team who deserves recognition for the outstanding care they provide, nominate them for a Quality and Excellence Award.

Take a look at the categories below, and nominate a person or team via the nomination form.

Nomination will close at midnight Saturday 2 December 2023

This award is for any staff member or team that has used their skills to ensure that patients experience care and compassion, ensuring that patients and their families are well-informed and empowered to play an active role in deciding what type of care they receive.

To the individual or team that has made considerable improvements to sharing lessons and best practice across EPUT.

To a person or team that has enabled patients, partners or colleagues to be the best that they can be, or provided outstanding support to their colleagues.

This award recognises the outstanding outcomes we can achieve by working together across the Trust and wider community.

To a person or team that has successfully embedded change to make better use of data and digital technology, provide more convenient access to services and information for patients or improve support for staff.

For an individual or team whose work has contributed to improving safety across the trust. This could be through a variety of ways, including innovation and change over time or reaction to a particular incident, and recognises the emphasis that EPUT places on safety.

This award celebrates innovative ideas, research, and quality improvement projects including innovative research studies that will shape the way we care for patients.

To the team or individual who has worked to train their colleagues or develop training materials which help others to grow, develop and learn.

This award is for an individual or team that helps EPUT to reduce health inequalities among specific communities which have a history of poorer access to health care.

This award is for the person or team that has successfully trialled and embedded change(s) that have made EPUT a better place to work.

To the team who was worked together to achieve lasting outcomes which improve the way they work together or how they care for patients.

This award recognises outstanding leadership at EPUT. This could be through exceptional management of their team to get them through difficult times, driving innovation in how their team works or by supporting the career development and personal health and wellbeing of their colleagues.

This award recognises our volunteers, lived experience ambassadors, patient safety partners, peer support workers and many others who either give up their time to support EPUT or use their patient voices to help us provide better care to those that rely on us.

This award is for our partners who work with us to develop safe and effective services. This could be a supplier that has provided a service which has had a significant impact across the Trust or an external organisation working in partnership with EPUT to deliver joined up care, or to support our services in caring for patients.

This award is open to all students and employees at EPUT who are at the start of their career. This could also be someone who has had a recent career change.

For an individual or team whose actions have resulted in the resolution of a crisis or in saving someone’s life.

For an individual who has worked at EPUT for over 15 years, or who has worked in the NHS for longer than 20 years. This award seeks to honour those who have shown loyalty and dedication to the NHS and have improved services for patients and/or created a better place to work.

All previous winners of the Staff Recognition Awards for the last six quarters will be entered into this category and an overall winner will be chosen by the CEO.

For more information, please read our rules, guidance and eligibility criteria.

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